Self-Awareness Outcomes Questionnaire

I developed this questionnaire to help researchers to measure what happens when we improve our self-awareness. It is focused on the outcomes of self-awareness: the positive changes we experience as well as the difficulties we may encounter as we get to know ourselves better.

Read about the full development of the questionnaire here.

You are welcome to use this questionnaire for free provided you agree to these two conditions:

  1. You will use the SAOQ for non-commercial educational or research purposes only. This means that no one is charging anyone a fee.

  2. You agree to share some of your data with me, detailed below. Data will be added to the SAOQ international database and used only for the purpose of further validation (e.g., updating norms).

    • For each sample, please email me the raw test-scores, age, gender, and (if available) occupation, as well as a brief explanation of the sample's size, language and country.

For commercial use and licensing, please contact me directly.

Triarchic Psychopathy Measure (Work)

The TriPM(Work) is an adaptation of Patrick's widely used Triarchic Psychopathy Measure that is particularly useful for workplace applications. It is short, measures the three psychopathic traits of boldness, meanness and disinhibition and has equivalent self- and other-report versions.

The full TriPM items and scoring information is available here and the paper describing the development of the TriPM(Work) is here.


Please note, we did not develop the original items in this measure and any requests for commercial use should be directed to the original author of the TriPM, Prof Chris Patrick.

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